All Is Not Hunky-Dory Among Hugh Hefner's Ex-Girlfriends

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Update: Consider the bait taken. Holly Madison has issued a comment in response to Kendra Wilkinson's tweets via an US Weekly statement.

"I've written a book, The Vegas Diaries, that's about letting go and moving on," she told the outlet. "About resolving the past so you can live a future. I've dealt with my demons and I've come out ahead. I can hold my head high and work hard to be the classy and kind person I aspire to be. I want no part of a one-sided argument or feud where one woman lives to demoralize and degrade another woman. For those with unresolved issues, therapy works. You should try it."

Wilkinson has since apologized — though not to Madison — for the vitriolic tweets. "I know my recent posts were a little over the top and I apologize for that," she shared. "Sticking up for me n my beliefs is hard for me at times. Sorry."
This story was originally published on May 12 at 2:45 p.m.

It's a fight between former bunnies. Kendra Wilkinson called out Holly Madison for comments she made to People magazine regarding her time as Hugh Hefner's girlfriend at the Playboy Mansion.

"It was a constant struggle," Madison told the outlet of her seven years living with Hef. "I was trying to sell this image of, 'Oh everything is so great here,' but I was miserable inside. There was so much competition among the other women. I learned not to confide in certain people. There was a lot of fear."

But Wilkinson isn't buying any of her former housemate's comments.

"She wasn't in fear [when she was sleeping with Hugh Hefner] for a paycheck," the 30-year-old wrote in a since-deleted tweet. Wilkinson didn't stop there: "That bitch is in fear now knowing so many of us saw her doing some nasty shit," she added. "She's embarrassed and in shame. She was the clean-up girl."

So far, Madison hasn't taken the bait and lobbed back her own heated response. One thing's for sure: There is plenty of bad blood between these two women, having both launched their careers out of the time spent living in Hefner's iconic house.

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