DJ Khaled Runs Away Whenever He Sees Beyoncé

Photo: Getty Images/ Nicholas Hunt.
Just because you're a celebrity in your own right doesn't mean you can't be a mega fan of another star. We've seen this phenomena recently, when Adele gushed about the power of Beyoncé. But admiration can lead to an extreme case of nervousness in the presence of the star you admire. For DJ Khaled, not even touring with Beyoncé has calmed his fanboy nerves.
He explained to The New York Times, "Every time I’ve ever seen her [Beyoncé] is when I’m with my brother Jay Z. I just say, 'Hi,' and I look the other way so fast, and I kind of run. I just don’t want to say nothing too much. I’m not messing that up."
While most Beyoncé fans probably have a ton of questions they'd like to ask her if they were ever in her presence, the idea of getting tongue-tied around Queen Bey is something all superfans can relate to.

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