This Burger King Has A Spa. Seriously.

Photo: via Restel/Facebook.
If it seems like just about everyone is getting into the beauty game, you’re right. The latest businesses to cross over are, oddly, fast-food companies. First, KFC in Hong Kong released an orange-hued, fried chicken-scented nail polish (designed to be licked). Now, we've discovered that Burger King is offering spa services at a Helsinki outpost.

According to Business Insider, the full-service, in-store sauna — designed by starchitect Teuvo Loman — is outfitted with marble-tiled showers, dressing rooms, and a lounge. Fluffy, logo-adorned towels and bath robes are provided, as is full-service dining — attendants take food and beverage orders, then deliver the grub right to the treatment room.

But sweating out toxins as you eat them doesn’t come cheaply. As one San Francisco-based Yelper noted, access to the private sauna runs about $350 an hour, a price point on par with some of the more luxurious spa treatments we’ve seen (like Natura Bissé's The Ultimate Ritual, which involves covering your face with a pearl-and-gold-extract-rich mask). This begs the question: Do we get fries with that?

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