How To Attend A Demi Lovato, Gwen Stefani, Or Miranda Lambert Concert For $20

Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images.
One of the best things about summer are all of the concert tours.

So what do you do if you've basically already spent your rent money on tickets but still want to see Demi Lovato, Gwen Stefani, and Miranda Lambert (and plenty others) perform this summer? You take advantage of this crazy deal happening at LiveNation.

Starting Friday, May 13, through May 20, is releasing tickets for $20 for over 150 shows this summer. That's a lot of music for only a little bit of dough. But, if you want to actually score tix, you're going to need a little bit of strategy.

Here are some online ticket-buying hacks from me to you.
Step 1: Bookmark this site — It's where you will be buying all the tickets.
Step 2: Check out the full line-up featuring 150 artists performing at over 1,000 venues across the country and see which ones are coming to your city.

Step 3: Share your line-up with your friends and see which ones you guys can go to together.

Step 4: Assign at least two friends to purchase tickets per show. It's best to have a back-up because you can always resell any extra tickets you score.

Step 5: If you don't get through the site at first, just pick yourself back up and try again. Ticketing systems can be funky, so always refresh and try again if you end up in a never-ending queue for access.

Step 6: Celebrate that you just got $20 concert tickets! And start counting down the days till the show.
In the wise words of Katniss Everdeen:
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