Miley Cyrus Shares An Important Lesson After Dyeing Her Hair Herself

Miley Cyrus has a little advice for those who want to try and dye their hair themselves: maybe just don't do it. Cyrus posted a photo of herself to Facebook, lying in bed looking sad with some very blond strands, but some rather dark roots. "Learned a valuable lesson in this meaningless process," she wrote alongside the photo. Cyrus goes on to explain in a rather lengthy post that after trying to bleach her hair back to blonde "out of boredom while dealing with a consecutive amount of time off" with "hair color that comes in a box" she's now feeling a lot of regret.
The regret isn't just over her hair coloring fail, but the fact that she was so consumed by what her hair looked like to begin with. "I felt like a self obsessed psycho while real issues are out there in the world needing to be dealt with I was sitting in front of a mirror going thru strand by strand like my hair and what it looks like actually fucking matters!" Cyrus wrote. She then scolds herself in the post for still thinking too much about her hair. "Really this fucking mop will make no difference to that fact Donald Trump is running for president (successfully)," Cyrus wrote, "and climate change is extremely real and scary." Cyrus has words of wisdom for anyone who is overthinking things, especially their hair. She says to "go outside, smell a flower, center your thoughts and find something productive to do with your time." She added, "I wish I would've taken a toke of my own medicine.... Everything is a learning experience.... Even hair LOL." As for her hair, Cyrus wrote that it either needs to grow out or she needs to get a haircut. But her hashtag really says it all, "#imisstheoldme." She also posted on Instagram that she isn't making any big decisions "until after this friggen retrograde is over." Don't worry though, in a P.P.S. that ends her Facebook message she makes it clear that hair cuts and color should be fun and a way to express yourself. Not something that should consume your mind. "Don't over think it because in the end it is fucking hair and nothing you do is detrimental and will just be a new chapter for you," she wrote to her fans. " My life is done chronologically in hair styles."

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