Nicki Minaj Fires Off Twitter Storm Calling Out Her Ex For Suing Her

Photo Credit: Kevin Winter / Staff.
Do not piss off Nicki Minaj. Because she has no problem calling out her offenders on Twitter.

The rapper recently unleashed a Twitter storm calling out an unnamed ex-boyfriend for a myriad of stalker-like and extortionist behavior. In the series of tweets pictured below (which, believe it or not, is slightly abridged), Minaj explains that she had difficulty properly celebrating the birthday of her current fiancé, rapper Meek Mill, because of a lawsuit she was served with on May 9.

It appears that she's talking about Safaree Samuels, a rapper who dated Minaj from 2002 to 2014. Samuels is claiming that Minaj owes him money for his contributions and collaborative efforts on the songs she released while they were together. Minaj has apparently been dealing with drama from Samuels regularly since their breakup.

Earlier this week, Minaj used the hashtag "#poorting" on Twitter, saying that someone, presumably Samuels, was jealous of her lavish lifestyle. Samuels responded by posting this video of himself at the premiere of ChyMoji, mocking Minaj's hashtag by writing, "Story of my's the middle of the summer and I still wear a fur BURRRRR ..#poorting #stuntgang."

And now for the tweets. Minaj details her ex's pettiness. Samuels has not responded to the spree.

Fans are also weighing in, enjoying the entertaining drama, but also siding with Minaj.


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