Watch What Happens When This Woman Meets Her Creepiest Online Matches

We're actually grateful to those online-dating matches who reveal their creepiness in their first messages. At least, we are when we consider that the alternative is to discover how disrespectful/misogynistic/otherwise off-putting they are when we meet them in person. A quick block, and we're on to the next. Unless we're online-dater Jesse Kahnweiler, that is. The comedian (and star of R29's The Skinny) agreed to meet men who sent her creepy messages — for a video for YouTube channel Super Deluxe. Kahnweiler begins the video, above, by reading said messages, which include such choice come-ons as "Are you looking for a big dicc [sic] to play with?" and "You look like a good fuck!" Charming! When the senders of these messages arrive, they're met with rolling cameras and Kahnweiler seated at a table, ready to interview them about what, exactly, was going through their heads when they fired off their hyper-sexual comments. Some turn on their heels and leave, but those who stay offer a look inside the minds of Tinder's most offensive swipers. Watch the video above for their thoughts and Kahnweiler's take.

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