Chris Hemsworth Knows How To Be His Daughter's Real-Life Superhero

Chris Hemsworth knows how to win at life. And this time, it actually has nothing do to with his looks or physique. We're talking about what he chose to do this weekend with those beautiful arms of his. After a bakery couldn't get a cake made in time, Hemsworth baked his daughter, India Rose, a cake for her fourth birthday.

Normally, when a busy working actor says he baked a cake, we'd be skeptical. We might assume there was some kind of professional help involved. Or input from his wife, Elsa Pataky. Not this time. This T-rex "al la chocolate" was clearly baked with nothing but paternal love.

Special shoutout to those pink and red M&M's. Double special shoutout to the blue one that makes the dinosaur's eye.

We're also happy to see Hemsworth's not just a birthday baker; he's also done time as a short-order cook!

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