Hair Gems Are The New Flash Tats

Flash tattoos for your hair? So last summer. This season, the girls of Instagram are giving us major strand envy with hair gems, reports Cosmo. Popular in the U.K. and Moscow, tiny metal stars, hearts, and filigree leaves are used to create new-age, wood-nymph, borderline witchy-woman hair that would make a ‘70s-era Stevie Nicks proud.

Now, as a concept, this isn’t new. Black girls have been beading and adorning box braids (among other styles) for years. Plus, who can forget butterfly clips? But what brings the newest crop of hair gems into 2016 is their placement and daintiness. A trail of stars looks gorgeous scattered along (surprise!) the underside of a ponytail. And tiny rhinestones randomly dancing upon gray locks feel simply magical. Check a few representations of the burgeoning trend and expect to see a deluge of even more creative twists as the style hits stateside this summer. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya.

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