Hailey Baldwin Breaks Same Foot On Same Day In Same Place A Year Later

Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock
Here’s an old joke. A man goes to the doctor. “Doctor,” he says. “Help, I’ve broken my foot in two places!” The doctor sighs. “Well,” he says, “don’t go to those places.” Hailey Baldwin would have done well to heed that joke, as she’s gone back to the same place (the Met Gala) and gotten the same break (in her foot). “Ya girl broke her foot in the same place on the exact same day a year later…. WHAT IS IT WITH ME AND METBALL? Lol ?” she wrote in a post to her Twitter.
Initially, she thought that she had just twisted her ankle, but the injury turned out to be much more serious. Baldwin also retweeted a visual comparison of her broken feet.
We would advise Baldwin to pay closer attention to dad jokes. Especially when they take bodily injury as a subject.

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