Blake Lively Just Scared Us Away From Going In The Ocean This Summer

If Jaws and Open Water didn't scare you out of the ocean forever, The Shallows might just be your tipping point. Warning: If you're already prone to anxiety spikes, I would recommend saving this trailer for another time or maybe just skipping it altogether. Blake Lively plays someone with a normal lifespan in this movie, which she seems to spend trying to outmaneuver a giant shark. Her character has sought out some secluded surf spot in Australia that her guide mistakenly refers to as "paradise," when it is clearly a place where giant toothy fish come to munch on pretty blond women. Blake is giving us peak Blake, which is to say quintessential California: leggy, very tan, sun-kissed hair, you get the picture.
Honestly, as far as the shark-in-the-water movie canon goes, this actually looks pretty scary? And it may be the perfect Blake role. I'm oddly intrigued. Also: I'm officially abandoning any plans to learn to surf this summer in any body of water that might entail even a .01% chance of getting bitten by an ocean creature.

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