This Makes It Pretty Hard To Call Katy Perry Or Rita Ora “Becky”

The Becky scandal is still very much upon us, and it probably will be for the foreseeable future. Not only because the media is dead set on finding out who TF Becky is, but also because celebrities are having a lot of fun with the controversial lyric as well. After the Met Gala red carpet and dinner, celebrities changed into their after-party looks. For Katy Perry and Rita Ora, that meant adorning the same black and white pin that read "NOT BECKY."
Touché ladies. That's a pretty hilarious, and an on the nose nod to all the drama. Perry was never rumored to be one of the Becky's in question, but it just goes to show how bogus most of the speculation was. The only thing that would have been better was having Beyoncé herself sport the pin for a picture or two. It's unclear who is responsible for the manufacturing or distributing of the pins. Kudos, we laughed. Next time we say your ladies, we promise we won't say Becky.
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