Justin Bieber Really Wants To Meet His Childhood Hero — & You Probably Do Too

Imagine this — Justin Bieber walks into a room, throws on a lab coat, pulls out a beaker, and starts doing science experiments. Now, imagine Bill Nye "The Science Guy" standing right by his side. That scenario, or something like it, would totally "complete" Bieber's life. Really. This internet friendship request is unexpected, yet relatable. Who didn't think Nye was the coolest scientist on the block in elementary and middle school? The singer recently dedicated a whole Instagram post to The Science Guy writing, "If I meet bill nye the science guy my life will be complete .. What if I pulled up with Bill nye everywhere I went.. Meeting people like, "hey this is my homie bill" . Shoutout bill for helping us all get out of science class to watch a movie."
Bieber not only wants to meet the 60-year-old scientist and educator, but also imagines having him as a permanent member of his crew. That would be pretty epic, Biebs. I have a feeling, based on Nye's own interest in the youth and pop culture these days, as seen in his selfie caption from the White House Correspondents' Dinner, that this meet up will indeed happen.
Who wouldn't want to have this guy as their "homie bill?"

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