Would You Want Amy Schumer To Control Your Tinder Account?

Photo Credit: Andrew Toth / Contributor.
Did you know that Amy Schumer has never used Tinder? Well, at least she says she hasn't. But that changed during a photo shoot for her May Vanity Fair cover when the comedian was given control of the dating app on a Vanity Fair staff member's phone. And she really got to work right away. First, she made sure the woman, Andrea Cuttler, age "almost 31," was aware that Schumer was about to be totally in control of her dating profile. Once that was established, Schumer learned the basics. Left means no, and right means yes. Then Schumer starts shifting through some potential suitors. Note: This photo shoot was in Los Angeles, and the Cali guy vibe is strong.
Some guy named Niall? No. Guy with a guitar? Hell no. James with the sort of red hair? Yes. And so it goes. We learn how Schumer feels about quirky glasses, comedians, and guys who love their moms. (All no's to her.) Oh, and shirtless pics. Just don't, says Schumer. But what might even be the most entertaining, and ironic, aspect of the funny video can best be explained by the victim herself. Cuttler writes in the Vanity Fair post accompanying the video that she had just accepted a new job and hadn't yet told her co-workers or bosses that she was planning on leaving the magazine. However, she had told a few friends, who she realized (after the filming started) might text her congratulating her about her new job. Awkward. So, two major lessons learned from this social experiment. 1. Schumer actually has some pretty solid truths about how to look for fish in the deep, dark sea that is Tinder. 2. Be sure to disable texts if your phone's about to be part of an on-camera prank.
Watch the hilarious experiment below.

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