These College Students Finding Love Via Snapchat Is Better Than A Movie

Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid are so over. Everyone is using Snapchat to find love. Well, two students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison did when they sought each other out in one of the most epic Snapchat stories ever created. A social media phenomenon broke out on the UW-Madison campus last week when two students — known only as Vikings Fan and Mystery Girl — used Snapchat's location-based story feature to make a connection. The best part? As the couple sought each other out around campus, with Snapchat as their only guide, other students chimed in to offer support.
It all started when Mystery Girl posted a snap saying that she spotted a guy wearing a Vikings jersey on the university's Snapchat story and she was "so in love" with him. Vikings Fan failed to reach his admirer, but made another attempt, saying, "Maybe if it’s fate," she'd find his Snapchat, which included a time and location to meet. The couple failed to meet up yet again, but if it was fate: They vowed to stumble upon each other that night. By this point, students were adding their own snaps to the story — and they had a lot of feelings. One Snapchat user said: "You can sit right there and do your project, or you can get your ass up and you can find that girl, man. She’s looking for you!" Another girl said she was refreshing Snapchat "every 30 seconds" for updates on the missed connection. Finally, much like the long-awaited connection at the end of Sleepless in Seattle, Vikings Fan and Mystery Girl met and the campus rejoiced! One girl even said, "I just woke up for class and found out that they found each other, and it was better than any dream I could possibly have." You can watch the full Snapchat story, above, and believe in love again.

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