Mandy Moore Posts Amazing TBT Of Fictional Wedding

Mandy Moore is moving. Perhaps coincidentally, it’s TBT. Moore, in celebration of either her move or our weekly national holiday, decided to post a couple of gems that only real early '00s kids will remember. First up is her lifesize cardboard cutout.
Look at that thing. The photo raises the question: Can one lose a lifesize cardboard cutout? It’s literally as tall as she is. We guess if you put it in a dark corner of your garage, you might forget about it. But it’s also the kind of thing where if you found it, you might say the sentence, “I didn’t remember when I was so famous that someone photographed me, blew it up to be as big as me IRL, and the printed it out to distribute.” Kind of an insane sentence to say. No shade, we wish we had lifesize cardboard cutouts. You could use them to scare birds. Next up is a photo of Moore and Shane West in full wedding garb during their wedding scene in A Walk to Remember. If you don’t remember the walk, it was an adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel in which she (spoiler) dies tragically.
Nice suit, she says. It is a pretty nice suit. Good call Mandy.

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