Justin Bieber’s Reason For Clapping Back At Tabloids

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Justin Bieber is a pretty chill guy. All he needs is a bandana, a Rangers jersey, and Snapchat, and he's good to go. But be warned if you piss off the Biebs like these tabloids recently did. Perez Hilton and the Daily Mail, among others, ran similar stories on April 28 after seeing an Instagram Bieber posted of himself lying shirtless in bed, with the caption, "And on the 7th day....." The sites took their interpretation of his words to the next level, saying that the singer was implying that he sees himself as God. The Daily Mail headlined its story: "'And on the 7th day...' Justin Bieber compares himself to God as he posts a shirtless snap in bed." Bieber was less than pleased with the site's extreme wording. In fact, he responded (at times employing ALL CAPS) in two separate Instagram posts. He used the opportunity to talk more about his faith and dedication to religion. The singer wrote, "Would love to talk about this because it's another moment to point to God. When I said on the 7th day it was a reference to say that on the 7th day he rested giving us a template and example letting us know how important rest is. People love to twist what was meant for good and maybe it was my fault by not explaining my thought correctly. You can think the worst about me but never ever want people to think I compare myself to The MOST HIGH."
Bieber also went back and edited the caption of the original photo, adding this message: "AND MY GOODNESS I WAS MAKING A REFERENCE, I AM NOT COMPARING MYSELF TO GOD IM THE FARTHEST THING FROM!!!! IT WAS MY WAY OF SAYING HOW IMPORTANT REST IS.. WHEN THERE IS NOTHING TO PICK AT ME FOR YOU MAKE SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING BUT I GET IT YOU NEED RATINGS AND TRACTION YOUR BLOGS. But if truthfully if you were offended it was in no way shape or form me comparing myself to the most high."
Sorry, tabloids. I would say that yes, indeed, it is too late to say "sorry."

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