25 Women Open Up About What It’s Like To Struggle With Fertility

To mark National Infertility Awareness Week, Refinery29 is dedicating a full week of coverage to an open discussion about becoming a parent. Check out more here. A reported 6.7 million American women are currently having trouble getting pregnant or carrying a baby to term, but there are countless perspectives within that group. As more women open up about their difficulty conceiving, we're able to better understand the different ways women deal with fertility struggles. Some women feel lost and alone, while others feel angry and even jealous of new mothers. Some simply make their peace with it and move on. And some feel a mix of all of these sentiments, depending on the day. Amid these conflicting feelings, women often have to deal with unnecessary pressure to become mothers — whether that pressure comes from family members, loved ones, or even the media. Whatever path a woman takes, living and coping with fertility issues (when someone wants to have kids) can be a difficult process — one that's particularly tough to navigate alone. It's for that reason that it can be helpful when women share their experiences with each other. Below, we've rounded up 25 posts from secret-sharing app Whisper, all by women who are struggling with fertility.
I suffer from infertility at 27. And I feel so alone and betrayed by my
Last night I had a dream that I had a baby. I woke up crying because I
Infertility sucks. Been dealing with it a long time. I would never wish
this heartache on anyone.
As someone who has been struggling with infertility for 3 years, I hate
women who get abortions just because they aren
I just found out that I can
My partner left me because I can
Just got told I can
It hurts seeing everyone I went to school with and all of my friends having
kids and getting pregnant so easily when I can
The reality of infertility is realizing that you will never look at a child
and see your own eyes looking back.
I hate when people find out I
I recently found out I am infertile. I made peace with it. Being infertile
I feel like I let my marriage fall apart because we couldn
As a woman dealing with infertility issues, I wish my family would stop
making jokes about why we don
Starting the process with an infertility specialist has been the saddest
and most exciting thing... I need this to work
Infertility is the worst pain I
Infertility is the worst thing I
I wish I had friends who struggled with infertility. I
As someone who is struggling with infertility, lately I judge everyone who
I think is/ will be an unfit parent and constantly question why them
instead of me. Not proud of it.

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