Kelly Clarkson’s Family Is Adorable, But Not Like The Von Trapps

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Kelly Clarkson is back at it again with the family pics. A few days ago she posted an image of her newest child. This time, she included all four children in an adorable snap posted to Instagram earlier Wednesday. “The von Trapps ain't got nothin' on us ha!” the "Since U Been Gone" singer wrote. The von Trapps are the family band that inspired The Sound of Music, a movie about nuns fighting Hitler. The real life von Trapps really did escape Nazi occupation after facing financial ruin in the stock market crash of 1929. The family dismissed their servants, moved into the top floor of their house, and rented the bottom out to the local Catholic university. In 1935, they became a popular touring act. Three years later they bumped into Hitler at a restaurant in Munich, who's probably not the first person you’d like to see at dinner. Soon thereafter they fled to America, where two of the children joined the fight against Nazi Germany and earned their US citizenship. Throughout the years, they founded a music camp, a four-and-a-half star resort, and became missionaries in Papua New Guinea. So, Kelly Clarkson’s contention is that her family is better than those people. Cute kids, we’ll give her that.

Okay last pic! Promise ?#andthentherewerefour #familyband The von Trapps ain't got nothin' on us ha!

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