Here's How Twitter Celebrates #LesbianVisibilityDay

Believe it or not, certain corners of the Twitterverse are actually pleasant. We were only reminded of this fact when #LesbianVisibilityDay started trending on the social network yesterday. Since then, users have been posting statements of self-love and acceptance, along with countless selfies.

Sure, most of our news feeds contain plenty of selfies already, but these pictures send a very important message. No matter how these women usually present themselves on social media, they took this opportunity to declare their sexual identity with pride. Some women simply posted photos alongside the hashtag, while others offered hopeful messages to young women still growing into their sexual identities ("it really does get better").

According to recent estimates, 1.6% of Americans identify as gay or lesbian, which means hashtags like #LesbianVisibilityDay can be particularly important for the young men and women who may feel overlooked by heteronormative culture. Sexual identity should be a source of pride, so we love seeing women owning this part of themselves — and supporting their peers at the same time.

Below, we've rounded up some of our favorite #LesbianVisibilityDay tweets.

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