The Beyhive Is Calling Out A Magazine For Photoshopping Beyoncé

Beyoncé fans have turned their anger from "Becky with the good hair" to a new target: W Magazine.

On Monday, the fashion publication shared an image of Beyoncé on its Instagram, to celebrate the release of "Lemonade."

The caption read, "God she might not be, but #Lemonade proves that it’s still @Beyonce’s world, and we just live in it. See more on #Beyonce photographed by @PatrickDemarchelier, styled by @AlexWhiteEdits; W Magazine July 2011."

But fans were quick to criticize W for the image, claiming that the magazine photoshopped Beyoncé to make her appear thinner and as if she had a "thigh gap."

"That Photoshop is pathetic. Fake at thigh gap she's ever had. Why waste your time. She's perfect without that c**p," one Instagram commenter wrote.

"Terrible job...she loves and embraces her curves and thighs...why would you photoshop them?" another added.

It's hard to be 100% certain whether or not overzealous retouching is to blame here, but this is only the most recent in a string of celebrity Photoshop controversies. Just a few weeks ago, Adweek was under fire for photoshopping Kerry Washington, who also complained about the magazine's edit, saying, "It felt strange to look at a picture of myself that is so different from what I look like when I look in the mirror."

W Magazine
hasn't responded to the Beyoncé controversy, and neither has the Queen Bey herself.

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