This Viral Makeup Tutorial Tears Down The Stigma Of Depression

Depression is a tricky subject that many don't like to talk about, but it's more common than you might think. In the United States alone, roughly 8% of adult women suffered from a depressive episode in 2014, according to the latest numbers from the National Institute of Mental Health. Still, the common responses to depression are oftentimes, well, not exactly helpful. YouTuber Amy Geliebter decided to explore this in a format that the internet loves: the beauty tutorial. Geliebter's caption of the video describes it best: "In which I make fun of the shitty stigmas we face as people who suffer from depression (in any of its many forms)." The video demonstrates how to do a dramatic red lip and smoky eye, alongside biting, humorous commentary that calls out the wrongheaded, yet typical responses to depression. First, you start off with a "nice, thick coat of chemical imbalances." Then, Geliebter suggests you cover up all your blemishes with "denial and emotional repression." The eyeshadow look incorporates the perfect shades of "Just Be Happy," "You Don't Need Medication," and "I Was Depressed Once, Too & I Got Over It."
Perhaps even more poignant? Filling in your eyebrows. "This works to mimic the texture of eyebrow hair, and what your life might be like if you had normal brain chemistry and weren't depressed," Geliebter narrates. Watch the entire video below to get the look — and learn all of the things you should never say to people with depression.

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