Piers Morgan’s Reaction To David Beckham’s Son Singing Is So Unnecessary

Photo Credit: Noel Vasquez.
Cruz Beckham, 11, and father David Beckham.
Piers Morgan continues to stir pots. The British journalist and social commentator shared his thoughts about a fairly innocent video shared earlier this week by another Brit — David Beckham. Beckham shared a well-received video of his 11-year-old son, Cruz Beckham, singing "Cups" from Pitch Perfect, which is originally known as "When I'm Gone" by The Carpenters. Cruz does all the signature cup moves, and performs a light-hearted rendition of the song. Once he's finished, you can hear mother Victoria Beckham, along with dad, applaud his performance. Beckham captioned the video on Instagram, "Look at my little man go... Ridiculously cute and the enjoyment in his face whilst doing it just makes us smile." But, to Morgan, this moment of entertainment was nothing more than "shameless" self-promotion. "You get these celebrity parents and they bang on about protecting their kids and privacy and so on and there they are Instagramming this 11-year-old to gazillions of people trying to make him a star like Brooklyn's now a photographer," Morgan said on Good Morning Britain. "And I'm like can't they just be kids really." Morgan also said he thinks the children should decide if they want to be in the spotlight on their own when they're old enough. Which, yes, is a completely fair statement. But this little clip of Cruz seems far from the Beckhams thrusting their kid son into the big, bad world of Hollywood. He's not trying to be the next Bieber — even his Instagram account is still private. He's just a kid having fun with his parents who both happen to be incredibly famous. Click here to view the video.

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