Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Star In The Most Unenthusiastic Australian Tourism Video, Ever

Johnny Depp is an Oscar-nominated actor. Amber Heard just starred in the award-winning film The Danish Girl. And yet, neither of them can pretend to be anything but bored in a bizarre new video promoting Australia's ecosystem. Then again, the Down Under destination may not be the couple's favorite place right now. Depp and Heard flew to Australia to work out a plea deal for Heard, who faced charges for illegally smuggling their two terriers into the country last year. According to the BBC, Heard offered a guilty plea and received a one-month good behavior bond. Should she violate the bond, she will face a penalty of $770. Then, of course, there's the matter of suffering through this video for Australia's Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. The couple urges viewers to respect the country's quarantine laws, but their hearts clearly aren't in it. Maybe don't expect a visit back, Aussies. Watch this and think twice about breaking the law...even if it's just smuggling an orange into your carry-on.

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