Rowan Blanchard Wants Kanye's Confidence

Rowan Blanchard interviews are always chock-full of interesting tidbits. Take her new talk with Emma Gannon's Ctrl Alt Delete podcast, for instance. We learn that she sees Kanye West as a role model, because he's so confident. Hear her out.

"Something I struggle with is that I literally can't take compliments," Blanchard says. "I had to stop reading my mentions on Twitter because it makes me so uncomfortable. It's so kind...but it's hard for me."

agreed with Gannon that women often take flak for promoting themselves, Kanye-style.

"You do have to apologise for promoting your own work, which is really strange," the Girl Meets World star said. "When you're a girl, that's definitely true. I do find myself being overly careful on social media if I feel like I'm posting too much about myself or posting too many pictures of myself."

Meanwhile, she's come across male social media profiles that are full of photos of the guy in question.

"When I do it, or a bunch of other girls do it, you get comments like, 'You're such a fake, self-obsessed person,'" she pointed out.


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