This Video Perfectly Encapsulates Why Women Are Stronger Together

Yes, women are hardcore. Yes, we're badass. And yes, we can get competitive when we want to. Which is why when a group of those hardcore, badass, competitive women gets together, there's nothing they can't accomplish. That's the feel-good message behind Athleta's latest campaign, which centers on groups of women collaborating in a series of four short videos. This one, Sayulita Surf Sisters, focuses on a crew of female surfers in Sayulita, Mexico. "Women and girls are still witnessing unhealthy competition, comparisons, and undermining amongst each other in schools, on playgrounds, and in the workplace," says Nancy Green, president of Athleta, in an email to R29. "We wanted to create a movement that could unite women and girls by the core belief that alone we are strong, but united we thrive." The videos are meant to act as a sort of rallying cry celebrating groups of women lifting each other up. It's easy to see how powerful that force can be with the surf sisters. "Surfing, with women, is more of a social experience [than with men]," says Paola Lopez, one of the women in the video. "It feels good to be able to share the lessons that we learn in the ocean with other women. It's amazing to see the first-time smiles when we are experiencing new things, getting past our fears, and living our dreams." Now, see if you can watch their video without immediately planning your first beach trip of the summer.

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