The Art Of Weed: A Virtual Exhibition Of The Most Important Stoner Movie Props

This 4/20, one of the country's premier stoners, Ilana Glazer, along with Broad City co-star and co-producer Paul Downs, are set to journey through history in their Comedy Central mini-series, The Time Traveling Bong. "How is it that no one has made this before?" some of us thought, upon hearing nothing but the title of the show. Yes, this is the first series to tackle this amazing premise, even if you probably thought it up in your dorm room one time.
In preparation for this THC-enhanced spectacle, we looked back at some other gems in the genre of stoner flicks. Since the early days of Cheech and Chong, filmmakers have sought to capture the hilarity and mayhem that may or may not occur when one smokes up. While some of us remain glued to our couch, er, watching these movies, apparently pot spurs these rare protagonists into having weird and wild adventures.
Is this due to a magical only-in-Hollywood strain of marijuana? Perhaps. But without getting to test that theory, we instead have devoted ourselves to studying the tangible artifacts possessed by these adventurers. The result of our work is on exhibit before you: a catalog of primitive and advanced smoking tools, vehicles, accessories, furniture, and even weapons that have held pivotal importance in the stories of these bold and baked characters. Be warned: Just reminiscing about the glory of these objects has been known to inspire a contact high. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after reading this.

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