Porn Site Protests Anti-LGBT Law By Blocking North Carolina Users

North Carolina has come under serious fire for an anti-LGBT law that eliminates protections for LGBT persons and expressly discriminates against transgender persons. Bruce Springsteen has canceled a concert already in Northern Carolina, and now another prominent entertainer has denied service to the state. Porn site XHamster has banned North Carolina IP addresses from using their service. Instead of pornography, users see a black screen. This measure is due to a site-wide belief in equality. “We have spent the last 50 years fighting for equality for everyone and these laws are discriminatory which XHamster does not tolerate,” XHamster spokesman Mike Kulich told The Huffington Post in an official statement. “Judging by the stats of what you North Carolinians watch, we feel this punishment is a severe one. We will not standby and pump revenue into a system that promotes this type of garbage. We respect all sexualities and embrace them.” Kulic says that the site’s traffic indicates that the residents of North Carolina are more accepting of LGBT persons than their legislature, at least when it comes to pornography. “Back in March, we had 400,000 hits for the term ‘Transsexual’ from North Carolina alone,” he told The Huffington Post. “People from that state searched ‘Gay’ 319,907 times.” Kulich also said that, rather than a black screen, the website will soon display a petition calling for repeal of the law. “Hopefully, it will get as many signatures as the ‘transsexual’ searches,” he told The Huffington Post. This could have a major impact on North Carolina hearts and minds, at least according to Kulich. “I think that porn has the power to do what Bruce Springsteen can’t,” he told The Huffington Post.

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