Melissa McCarthy’s Version Of This Disney Song Is Better Than The Original

During an epic lip sync battle with Jimmy Fallon, Melissa McCarthy proved she's not just the boss on the big screen, she's one behind the mic, too. McCarthy stopped by The Tonight Show on Monday, ready to fake sing her butt off and change the way you see a certain Disney classic. While Fallon started things off by attempting to skate his way through Melanie's "Brand New Key," McCarthy chose to hip-hop dance her way through DMX's "X Gon' Give It to Ya." It seems her training for The Boss certainly came in handy. McCarthy practically taunted the host, getting right in his face to say, "Bitch, please" in DMX's famous growl.
McCarthy wasn't done, though. Not even close. With his second song, Fallon attempted to step it up with a take on Zayn's "Pillowtalk," one that found the host actually talking to a pillow. Fallon also declared his love for Zayn, which may have hurt his chances of winning, since no ex boy-bander was getting in McCarthy's way. No, she had all the colors of the wind in her back pocket. That's right, McCarthy went all Pocahontas on him. Wearing a pair of protective goggles and standing in front of her own Grandmother Willow, McCarthy delivered arguably the best interpretation of the song, ever — all while surviving some pretty wild elements. We're talking wind, rain, otters, and glitter. Safe to say, McCarthy won this round — and is probably still finding glitter everywhere.

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