The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale: Negan Has Arrived, But Who Did He Kill?

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Warning: Spoilers ahead. Morgan’s out looking for Carol and finds a horse, which he takes as his new transportation. I cannot overstate how very enthusiastic I am about this Morgan-on-a-horse thing. He finds Carol huddled in a doorway, bleeding from her right side. He patches her up but she needs stitches and antibiotics. Morgan can’t understand why she won’t come back, even though Carol was very clear that as long as she’s around people she cares about, she’ll kill for them. And she doesn’t want to kill anymore. Morgan insists on staying with her until she’s convinced, but when he steps out to handle a walker, Carol gives him the slip. Morgan has to now head back out on his horse. I, for one, don’t mind. Give me all this weird, gratuitous horse footage you’ve got, AMC. He finds her rosary on the ground, but no sign of the woman herself. I get it, Carol. Sometimes your roommates are too much and you just need a nice Sunday evening to yourself to do a face mask and get in that “me time.” But at this point it feels more like Carol’s got a death wish. And lucky for her, one of the bros who lived through her attack has been following her and tackles her to the ground. He shoots her in the arm, but she starts to laugh a little. She seems genuinely pleased about dying. He shoots her in the thigh, and that only makes her happier. He seems annoyed that she’s not upset or begging for her life, so he takes a break from shooting her. That’s when Morgan rolls up on his horse and pulls a gun on him. “You can survive this,” Morgan tells him, if only he’d put his gun down. Then Morgan SHOOTS him to protect Carol. It gets better. Two guys in body armor roll up on HORSES asking what happened and offer to help them. If this is the beginning of Morgan in a horse gang, I am so here for it. On a very different journey, Rick decides they need to transport Maggie to the Hilltop because she needs a doctor. (RIP Denise I miss you every day.) I mean she’s really not looking good. She’s weak and clammy and I’m starting to feel real concerned about that baby. And everyone wants to go on the trip! Carl is going. Spencer’s going. Abraham’s going. Sasha’s going. Eugene’s going. Enid wants to go but Carl isn’t having it because the Saviors are out there. He locks her in a closet, which is honestly one of the more stressful things to watch. What if she has to pee? What if she would like a snack? Carl could be gone for days! Since nearly everyone’s heading out, Gabriel’s in charge of Alexandria. Here’s the problem. They can’t seem to get anywhere. Abraham’s driving and they come across some Saviors, who have blocked the road. We get it. You’re bad guys. Rick comes out with arms raised, but a gun in his right arm, saying they can make a deal. But when it’s clear that Rick’s not trying to make a deal, they get back in the RV and back away. In fact, we’re gonna spend most of this episode backing out of places in that RV, because the Saviors have pretty much every road blocked. Between failed attempts at accessing a road to the Hilltop, Abraham decides to ask Sasha how she feels about having a baby. They seem to land on a “yes,” as in yes they could, but who knows how long everyone will live? Their sweet moment is interrupted when they come upon another set of Saviors. Back it up, guys! Now they come across a road blocked by zombies chained together. Kind of like red rover, except they realize the zombies are dressed like Michonne and Daryl. Before they can handle the zombies, they’re ambushed by gunfire. No one’s hurt and they’re able to head out in the RV, which they back up like the professional reversers they now are. Eugene suggests he act as a decoy and, once night falls, he can drive the RV into Savior territory and distract them. Everyone else can carry Maggie out through the woods to the Hilltop undetected. And here’s what’s really beautiful about Eugene. He’s totally prepared to die. He gives Rick his “recipe” for how to make bullets. He and Abraham hug. He has become so beloved, even though he spent a lot of time pretending to be a scientist and lying to everyone. Spencer, Rick, Abraham, Sasha, and Carl head out with Maggie. They’re walking through the woods and hear a bunch of whistling, so now they’re running in a panic. And they run right into a clearing, surrounded by Saviors. The casting call to one of Negans’ cronies was 100% just “give me your meanest mug while also holding this weapon.” They have Eugene on the ground. Dwight comes out and brings Daryl, Michonne, Rosita, and Glenn out to join them. Glenn sees Maggie and that’s obviously really upsetting. Then we have Negan, carrying his baseball bat full of barbed wire. This is our first time seeing Negan, and he’s just as scary as we anticipated. Or, as he describes it, “It’s gonna be pee-pee pants city real soon.” He tells Rick it was “not cool” that he killed some of his people. “You don’t mess with the new world order.” And by “new world order” he means that they all work for Negan now. But, unfortunately, they have to first pay for what they’ve done. So, he introduces them to his bat covered in barbed wire. He calls it Lucille. And after some rigorous “eeny, meeny, miny, moe” he lands on which person he’s going to tear apart with Lucille. But we don’t see who it is — only that that person is very likely dead.

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