The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 15: A Huge Secret’s Out

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For a group of people who spent an incredible amount of time trying to find a permanent, safe home, this crew really loves to leave that permanent, safe home for really bullshit reasons. First, we see how Carol left Alexandria. She packed a huge backpack full of food rations and supplies. Then in the middle of the night she tiptoes away, like a teenager trying to sneak out to a make-out party her parents specifically forbade her from attending.
Carol's boyfriend shows her note to Rick. They realize she must have stolen a car from the compound and left in the middle of a shift change. Rick and Morgan head out to find her, but Rick makes it clear that no one else should leave. "Everyone stays ready for a fight," he tells them.
But guess who else felt like leaving? Daryl. Michonne, Glenn, and Rosita go after him in a van, and we see Maggie in the rearview mirror as they drive away. And since nothing is by accident in this show, that makes me think Glenn and Maggie will now be separated for a while, or maybe one of them will die. Rosita leads them to the spot where Denise died. They find his motorcycle covered up by some brush. She thinks Daryl's going after Dwight. Following Rosita's lead, they find Daryl in the woods. Glenn tries to reason with him and get him to come back home, telling him that Alexandria needs him. Michonne assures Daryl that she'll help square the situation with Dwight, as long as he comes back to Alexandria.
But he can't! He's too dedicated to the cause of getting revenge for Denise's death. And before long, Dwight and his friends have them surrounded in the woods. Dwight holds a gun up to Daryl, and we see him shoot — with blood splattered across the camera. "You'll be alright," he says. But we can't tell if he shot Daryl, or if it was someone else. And after #GlennGate, I refuse to believe anyone's dead unless we see the funeral.
Meanwhile, Carol's out on the road, living her new, independent life. But only for, like, five minutes, before a passing pickup truck full of bros shoots out her tires. Can Carol ever just live? They hold her at gunpoint and tell her to get out of her car. She does, but she's playing her innocent-mom thing again, holding her rosary out and saying all she has is a knife for killing zombies. She identifies herself as Nancy from Montclair. (Could she have picked more of a mom name than Nancy? The answer is no.) They see her car, which has the signature Alexandria spikes in the hood, and they want to use her as a hostage to gain access to the community. She starts her hyperventilating-crying thing, which is her new emotional response when she has to kill someone. She begs them to just turn around, but when they advance toward her, she has no choice but to shoot them all with a machine gun she was hiding in her sleeve. Classic Carol!
Rick and Morgan roll up to the scene and can't tell from the carnage if Carol lived through it and left, or if she's been kidnapped, or what. They follow a trail of blood through a field to see if it might lead them to Carol. Then, surprisingly, Morgan the Virtuous indulges in a bit of community gossip. He says he heard from somebody who heard from somebody that he sent Carol away back when they lived in the prison, and then she eventually came back and saved them all. "People can come back, Rick," he says. As if adding in a line of morality will make us forget that you just had a total Regina George moment, Morgan.
They come across a guy at a farm who claims he was just looking for his horse, but Rick thinks maybe he's lying. He tries to shoot him, but Morgan stops him, and the guy runs away. We don't get to see his face, but Morgan insists that Rick locate his chill immediately. Rick defends his actions. "I don't take chances anymore." What a perfect time for Morgan to tell Rick that he let a Wolf live in Alexandria for a while! And definitely add in that detail about how he took Denise hostage, but eventually saved her life. Rick is pretty pissed off about it, but Morgan's pretty insistent that it's a good example of why you shouldn't just kill people, but should instead give them a chance to rehabilitate.
And Rick seems actually convinced by this. He hands over his gun to Morgan and agrees to go back to Alexandria, leaving Morgan to find Carol without piling up the casualties along the way.
Enid comes over to cut Maggie's hair for her. But right after she finishes, Maggie keels over in pain. It looks like she's having trouble with the baby, but we don't see exactly what.
Time for my favorite part of the recap: the relationship roundup. Glenn and Maggie have a nice, intimate shower scene. But the romance of it is quickly interrupted by the sight of bruises on Maggie's back and side, reminding us that she's recently been through some shit. Sasha and Abraham seem perfectly smitten with each other, and Rosita notices while they're giving each other the eye. Rick and Michonne do some naked canoodling. They share an apple in bed, which might be the least sexy thing I've ever seen. The sound of that crunching first thing in the morning would drive me nuts. "This is good," he says. "The world's ours, and we know how to take it. Everything we need is right here inside these walls." But, for anyone who's hung out with the group for six seasons, those sure sound like famous last words.

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