The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 14: Someone Important Died

Photo: Gene Page/AMC.
Warning: Spoilers ahead.
If you've never seen the movie Groundhog Day, I have some good news for you. Tonight's episode is pretty much the same thing. I guess the point is to show us the Alexandrians, having handled the whole Negan situation for now, have a minute to catch their breath. They have something of a routine. Wake up, do your job in the community. If you're Morgan, you're putting the finishing touches on the jajl cell you've been building. "It'll give us some choices next time." And, if you're Carol, smoke a cigarette and fiddle with the rosary you found at the Negan compound while you thought about all the people you've killed.
It's clear that Carol's going through some kind of emotional or psychological upheaval. Daryl takes note. "The ones who took you and Maggie. What'd they do to you?" But instead of just talking about it, she says, "To us? They didn't do anything." Whatever, girl. Take your time.
Rosita's got a new boyfriend. And he's the best type of boyfriend, because all he wants to do is spend time with her and make her some beef jerky stroganoff for dinner. But ever since Abraham broke her heart, she's suddenly got commitment issues. She's all like, fine, I guess I'll eat stroganoff with you, but leave me alone already about it.
Speaking of Abraham, he and Eugene are on a mission together. Eugene is trying to convince him that he's no longer the useless tagalong he once was. He's a survivor now. In fact, he's made his first major contribution to the group. He takes Abraham to a foundry. The way he sees it, the Hilltop is out of ammo, and that makes bullets the new currency. So they should be proactive and start melting down some metals into their own ammunition. Way to go, Eugene!
Then he gets a bit overzealous. He sees a zombie and "calls dibs" on killing it, but that ultimatley ends with Abraham having to save him from it. This pisses off Eugene, who tells Abraham his services are no longer required. Bad idea, man. Abraham takes it personally and decides if that's how Eugene feels, then he can find his own way home.
Denise wants to go to Edison's Apothecary & Boutique, which is a bit outside of the community, thinking there may be drugs there she can use for the infirmary. But she's not just asking Daryl and Rosita to go for her. She wants to go with them. This is an important trip for Denise. She's never really been outside the walls of Alexandria. In fact, she's never killed a walker before. No matter. Not only do they find a storage room full of medicine, but Denise finally kills a zombie. She gives this whole speech to Daryl and Rosita about taking chances and what is life all about?
AND THEN IN THE MIDDLE OF HER SPEECH SHE GETS SHOT THROUGH THE EYE WITH AN ARROW. And suddenly they're surrounded by Negan's crew, who not only outnumber them by dozens, but also have taken Eugene prisoner. And of course the guy leading them — Dwight — is the dude Daryl keeps saying he should have killed. Dwight says they're going to Alexandria to take whatever — and whoever — they want.
But Eugene — who has adapted and is a survivor — tricks Dwight into believing they have another comrade hiding behind some barrels. And as soon as Dwight looks away, Eugene bites him right in the crotch. One shootout later, Denise has died from the arrow to the eye — unlike our friend Carl — and Eugene's been shot in the stomach. Dwight and the few of his buddies who lived through the fight run away. Rosita, Daryl, and Abraham carry Eugene toward home, right past Denise's dead body. Carol and Daryl bury Denise.
The good news is Eugene seems to be alright. You can't kill the comic relief guy. At least, not yet.
Now, here's your romance updtae. Abraham, seeing how short life is, decides to really push it with Sasha, who finally accepts his romantic advances. Carol dumps her boyfriend, and everyone, for that matter. She decides she has to leave, because she can't keep killing for the people she loves. She can't kill at all. "Don't come after me, please," she tells them via handwritten letter. But I have a feeling Morgan might just do it anyway.

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