Zendaya Slays Guy Who’s “Hurt” By Her Makeup-Free Face

Zendaya has, yet again, proved she doesn't take rude Twitter trolls lightly. A dude who describes himself as a "dream chaser," foolishly asked Twitter whether it was "wrong" that seeing the pop star sans makeup startled him so badly that it "hurt."
With just two words and a loaded ellipsis, fresh-faced Zendaya shut it down like a boss.
Outspoken against body-shaming and sexism, Zendaya routinely flexes her Twitter skills to call out unsolicited critiques of her beauty and body. Only a few weeks ago, in fact, she slayed in a series of tweets from comedian and Difficult People star Julie Klausner that alleged she has an eating disorder.
She has also used her massive Twitter platform to speak out on behalf of others who receive similar online abuse, her parents included. In 2015, after a hoard of strangers on the internet mocked her mom and dad's looks and called them "ugly," Zendaya stepped up like the all-star daughter she is.
Even offline, the 18-year-old handles criticism more gracefully than many folks twice her age. What motivates it? In an Instagram response to Giuliana Rancic's apology for her tone-deaf joke about Zendaya's 2015 Oscars hairstyle, she invoked Martin Luther King Jr. in emphasizing her commitment to elevating pop cultural conversations above prejudice, misogyny, and body-shaming. "Let's be that light and spread that love," she wrote. Somebody give this woman a PhD in clapping back, already.

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