20 Rainy Kissing Scenes That Would NOT Be Sexy In Real Life

"Is it still raining? I hadn't noticed."
Yes, Andie MacDowell. It's still freaking raining. While we're delighted that Four Weddings and a Funeral had a happy ending and we recognize that London is prone to downpours, having a heartfelt conversation as raindrops spill down your nose feels a little...miserable. Nothing like a raging cold to kick off a relationship.
It's not that rain can't be sexy. Dirty Dancing's Baby and Johnny getting it on as the rain pours is hot stuff. But guess what? They were inside, safely snuggled up in a dry, warm bed. As much as we may like to think we're the type of person who can enjoy a passionate clinch during one of this month's April showers, we'll pick cozy and comfortable over snotty and soggy every day.
However, if storm clouds turn you on, you're in luck. These romantic rainy-day scenes are a meteorologist's dream come true. Someone get these lovebirds an umbrella and a towel!

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