The Glass Ceiling Is A Very Depressing Board Game

It's important to let the girls in your life know they can grow up to be anything they want to be. Introduce them to powerful, successful female role models. Have them watch The Hunger Games and Buffy. But if you feel they might need a little fair warning about what they'll be up against as they're chasing their dreams, you might want to get them the new board game featured in this Comedy Central video — The Glass Ceiling.
The Glass Ceiling is just like The Game of Life, but with more cards that reflect the real struggles women face when they climb (or attempt to climb) the corporate ladder. Setbacks, like being passed over for a promotion that's given to a less-qualified guy or ending up unemployed on the couch after addressing sexual harassment, come to life with exciting game pieces! The girls in this parody ad don't seem to be enjoying the game any more than adults enjoy the IRL version. And don't worry that boys are getting left out. There's a game for them, too — and it looks like a lot more fun.

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