In Case You Thought It Would Be Cool To "Kimmy-Fy" Your World...

There are only a few weeks remaining between you and the premiere of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 2. Which is all well and good — exciting, even.

But what's getting a little annoying is how hard Netflix is promoting the series. The streaming giant seems to be doing everything it can to put Kimmy Schmidt in front of our eyes — without actually explaining what fans can expect from the upcoming new episodes. And while that's a pretty traditional advertising strategy, we would welcome some new information about what's to come.

Take, for example, this 30-second nothing clip that was supposed to whet Kimmy Schmidt appetites earlier this spring. Sure, we got a little bit more with another trailer. But this most recent one? It's more Dora the Explorer goes to the city than a tantalizing teaser for the beloved series.
Here's hoping there will be more meat to the new season itself than there was in the lead up to it.


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