The 15 Moments From Laguna Beach That Shaped Our Teen Years

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If you were a teenager in the 2000s, then you know about the cult reality show that was MTV's Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. Whether you were Team L.C., Team Kristin, or, hey, even Team Stephen, the show had all the fixings of a great American teen drama.

There were crushes on classmates and crushing moments of betrayal. There were sunny pool days and shady prom nights. There were tanned bodies and icy stares. It was adolescent, amazing, and quite addicting.

So without further ado, here are the 15 greatest episodes of Laguna Beach, ranked by memorability and amount of Laguna Beachiness.

The following program was shot over a six-month period in the city of Laguna Beach, California.
The people, the locations, and the drama...are real.
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15. Season 3, Episode 3: "We're Gonna Crash A Party"

Best moments: Kyndra and Cami crash Raquel's Christmas party. Or, rather, they just "show up uninvited." While there, they stir up a decent amount of drama when a girl calls Cami "dirty." This would have ranked higher if the girls didn't do that annoying voice mocking Rocky.
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14. Season 1, Episode 2: "The Bonfire"

Best moments: Kristin and Jessica make Chicken Alfredo that tastes like "feet" for Stephen and Dieter during a double date that goes sour fast. L.C. and Lo go to Trey's open-mic charity event and are so bored they leave to go get sushi. At least they tried, right?
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13. Season 1, Episode 7: "The Last Dance"

Best moments: The awkwardness of the prom picture party was pretty amazing. Kristin constantly screaming for Stephen is always great. And of course, the night ends with Lo and L.C. taking digital-camera selfies. #2004
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12. Season 2, Episode 3: "It's Hard To Say Goodbye"

Best moments: Talan admits his unrequited love for Taylor, and it's really special. Too bad he has hooked up with basically the whole school — "twice!" as L.C. would say. Meanwhile, things heat up between L.C. and Stephen during her south-of-the-border birthday trip. Remember when she licks the whipped cream off his nose, and then they disappear into her hotel room? And then, he immediately leaves for San Fran. Rough.
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11. Season 1, Episode 4: "18 Candles"

Best moments: Kristin gives her number to a random guy during Christina's 18th birthday party at Joe's Crab Shack. L.C. and Talan go on a date. Christina auditions to be on Broadway in New York, and it's...rough.
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10. Season 2, Episode 2: "You Can't Trust Him"

Best moments: Kristin, Alex H., and Jessica go out for a girl's night and end up at — where else — Dave & Buster's. Jess talks about Jason drama the whole time, while Jason is busy chatting it up with Alex M. at Taylor's house. The bloody prank is pretty creepy, and impressive.
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9. Season 2, Episode 15: "Winter Formal"

Best moments: Alex M. takes Jason to winter formal even though he's dating Jessica. Oops. Kristin takes a random guy, whom she doesn't even get to kiss — but at least she had hair extensions to keep herself warm.
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8. Season 1, Episode 8: "Grin & Bear It"

Best moments: Stephen's lame bear suit.
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7. Season 1, Episode 9: "Graduation Day"

Best moments: All of the Laguna Beachers get grad gifts, and Lo gets a white Jetta with that "new car smell." The crew is sad to leave Laguna, but so stoked to be in college with "new boys!!" Thank god they have all those disposable-camera selfies to preserve their memories.
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6. Season 2, Episode 12: "Our Last Prom"

Best moments: Kristin, Alex H., and Jessica gossiping about their prom nights on the couch the next morning with two huge empty tubs of ice cream is the most relatable moment of the entire show.
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5. Season 1, Episode 5: "What Happens In Cabo"

Best moments: When Kristin and Alex call each other from their respective tanning beds to talk about who will hook up in Cabo. And, of course, the screaming Cabo fight between Stephen and Kristin.
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4. Season 1, Episode 11: "Dunzo"

Best moments:
The season finale of the first season of the show was super-emotional for Stephen and Kristin. The most emotional part? Hearing Lo make fun of L.C.'s fake-Gucci purse.
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3. Season 2, Episode 15: "I Saw You Kiss Her"

Best moments:
When Jason kisses Jessica in front of L.C. at a fundraiser fashion show and the Earth shatters (for L.C.). And also, who can forget Heidi's first appearance in the series?
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2. Season 2, Episode 9: "Cabo, Cabo, Cabo"

Best moments:
"You're one low chick" was this season of Laguna Beach's "You know what you did" call-out moment.
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1. Season 1, Episode 1: "A Black & White Affair"

Best moments: The beginning of it all. L.C., "the nice girl," introduces her rivalry with Kristin, the bad-girl junior, and the saga of Stephen. And who didn't have at least one friend try to re-create that black-and-white party in high school?

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