What Your Favorite Disney Movies Would Look Like If They Were R-Rated

You won't look at Aladdin the same way again after watching these videos.

By inserting censorship where it doesn't belong, the new Vine account Disney Ruined does not so much "ruin" Disney movies as make them completely hilarious. In addition to several old classics, the creator of the Vine has also edited newer films, like Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph. You can watch Jasmine grin slyly as Aladdin proposes an R-rated activity, listen to Anna tell Elsa exactly how much trouble Arendelle is in with complete frankness, and hear the fish of Finding Nemo discuss, er, interspecies relations.

With a number of dirty jokes snuck in for the parents, Disney movies aren't as innocent as they appear. But unlike those subtle additions, Disney Ruined's innuendos are truly impossible to miss.

It's not the first time fake censorship has been used to enhance what we watched as kids. If you like this, you'll also probably enjoy this video of the Count from Sesame Street discussing what he really likes to do all day.

Who ever said you can't enjoy cartoons as an adult?

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