Batman V Superman: Memes Of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is on pace to make up to $170 million on its opening weekend and become the best pre-summer debut ever, beating the previous record, set by Hunger Games. And it’s doing all this while sporting a whopping 30% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. So lots of people want to see Batman and his super frenemy throw each other through walls. But many more people want to do things other than see Batman v Superman, because it clearly has issues. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a helpful list of three things you can watch that will allow you to stay culturally relevant without having to, you know, see the movie. Sad Ben Affleck Meme Videos Ben Affleck, when asked about the hideous reviews the film has received, did not make a happy face. He’s not quite at the level of cultural cachet achieved by Sad Keanu or Crying Jordan, but he’s getting there. The original video helpfully attaches a few headlines and a wonderful Simon and Garfunkel song to Affleck looking a little…less than thrilled about how the movie’s being received.
The nice thing about these memes is that they’re video memes, so you can conceivably stitch together two hours of them to watch instead of the movie. Also, you’ll save yourself a ton of money and encourage Warner Brothers to never hire Zack Snyder again. Here are a few more to get you started. This Batlexander Manilton Parody Hamilton mania is sweeping all the way to the White House. Unfortunately, the Broadway hit show itself is super expensive and super exclusive. Batman v Superman is not super exclusive, but it is more money than it’s worth. So why not watch a masterful mashup of Batman and Hamilton?
The video, produced Turtle Cameron, is truly masterful. “My name is Batlexander Manilton, but if I’m ever asked by anyone, I’m just Bruce Wayne. Just Bruce Wayne,” Batlexander Manilton sings. This video is excellent, perfectly parodies the show (watch for the Clark Kent as Aaron Burr bit), and costs less than either Batman v Superman ($15-$20) or Hamilton (your firstborn and a second mortgage on your house). The LEGO Batman Movie Trailer Will Arnett’s LEGO Batman was the breakout star of the way-better-than-it-had-any-right-to-be The LEGO Movie, and he’s getting his own starring vehicle. The trailer just dropped and features LEGO Batman beatboxing, wearing a robe, and microwaving lobster. Yes, really.
Though the movie won’t come out until February 2017 (and, given its winter release date, has its own chance of being not all that great), the trailer is both fantastic and free. You could watch it 60 times in a row and have a better time than if you were to see Batman v Superman.

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