The Kardashian Corporation Names Are Delightfully Mortifying

Photo: Tracy Bailey Jr./BFA/REX/Shutterstock.
The Kardashians are nothing if not a family that highly values the letter "k." This fact becomes exceptionally clear when you get a load of how they've named their individual business entities. Racked unearthed the official monikers underlying their personal brands, and there's definitely some delicious satisfaction to be taken in how truly ridiculous they are.

Let's start with Kim, a.k.a. the secretary of Dash Boutique. (Khloé is the president; Kourtney is the treasurer. Nothing especially silly there.) Kim's legal company name is — no joke — Kimsaprincess, Inc. According to Racked, she's also an affiliate managing member of Klass Act LLC, Khaotic LLC (why not just drop the "h" in that one?), and Kdash LLC; she was also once a member of Kklove LLC, co-managed with former husband Kris Humphries. Yikes.

Khloé also has a former LLC with her ex, called Khlomar. These days, she's the president of both Khlomoney, Inc and Khlomoney Productions.

The names really only get better from there — head over to Racked to see the whole list — but just in case you couldn't wait a single page load time to find out, Kylie is of course in on this action, too: King Kylie LLC was filed in the state of California on September 11, 2015. And what a world it is we live in today.

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