Artist Alexa Meade’s House is Giving Us Hardcore Apartment Goals

There is a reason why this place is called Funhouse House. Artist Alexa Meade is best known for her installation work — combining painting, photography, and playing with dimension. Her living space — along with the work of Chris Hughes — is a direct reflection of her artistic interests and personality — complete with multi-colored steps leading to the main floor. This house could be considered a rainbow museum; adorned with easter basket plastic wrap and an extensive prism collection. Both project a ton of colors when the light catches them just right. Meade's obsession with optical effects in her artwork also play a part in her living space — her paint style and aesthetic blend to create this interactive home experience.
So often art is created for the purpose of looking but not touching. Meade's home however, invites participation: from the pre-programmed television to the synesthesia-induced bathroom closet. Were you expecting something different from a installation artist? Not only will you find a prism collection and wall-to-wall rainbows, there is also a "ye olde gifte shoppe," a fairy princess bed, and a disco kitchen. All made with love, bold self-expression, and a ton of craft supplies. Follow Meade as she gives you a full tour of her home. To find out more about Funhouse House:
Funhouse House
Facebook: TheFunhouseHouse
Instagram: FunhouseHouse

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