Kylie Jenner Makes An Appearance In What Might Be Iggy Azalea’s Best Song Yet

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images.
While Iggy Azalea may have taken a hiatus to rebalance her physical, and mental health, she's now back and even better. At least according to all the fan reactions to her brand new single released early this morning. "Team" takes a cue from the success of Justin Bieber's "Sorry" music video by including a badass dance crew with an eclectic wardrobe. Azalea's lyrics also touch on several topics including how she'll be scoring like the famous composer Hans Zimmer — "You gotta set the score right call it Hans simmer" — and how if she was in the Kardash(ian) family, she would be Kylie — "watch The new Kardash call me Kylie." Earlier this week she hinted to Kylie that she was featured in the song by sending her a quick preview on Twitter. Kylie approved, and even sent Azalea a lip kit as a thank you. The song is all about Azalea being an independent woman — "baby I got me, and that's all I need" — but also a warning to not mess with her large group of friends — "Aye baby no way, are you fucking with the Team." It's also been pretty well-received around the web.
Watch the full music video below.

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