College Women Are Getting Way Less Head Than College Men

Illustrated By Anna Sudit.
Isn't college grand? You know, the classmate camaraderie, the sleeping in till noon, the unreciprocated oral sex...well, maybe not that part. Head inequity (in college and beyond) is real, folks. A new study of 899 heterosexual Canadian college students published in the Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality confirms it. The study — commissioned by the Trojan Sexual Health Division of Church & Dwight Canada and aptly titled, "Was it good for you too?" — found that 63% of the men surveyed reported receiving oral sex in their most recent sexual encounter, while only 44% of the women did. It's true that slightly fewer women than men described receiving oral as "very pleasurable" (73% vs. 69%), but any margin in enjoyment was nowhere near wide enough to account for the differential between men and women who got head. Interestingly, men were much more likely than women to call giving oral "very pleasurable" (52% vs. 28%), suggesting that there are some serious communication gaps at play here: Men who would ostensibly like to be giving head aren't giving it, while women who'd like to be getting it aren't. Pretty lame. Can we get please get a rewrite of the standard heterosexual hookup script that says blow jobs are a given and cunnilingus is above and beyond the call of duty? Any day now would be great.

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