Justin Bieber’s Nose Ring Is Giving Us Major Throwback Vibes

Justin Bieber isn't exactly known for making the most enlightened choices when it comes to his beauty routine. (Exhibit A.) Today, the Biebs posted the above image to Instagram. If you look really, really closely, he's sporting a teeny stud on his left nostril. That's right. In the words of Abbi Abrams from Broad City, Bieber has a motherfucking nose ring.
Image: via Giphy.
But as someone who petitioned for a nose ring hardcore in the early aughts, I'm conflicted about Biebs' new stud. My first reaction is to roll my eyes at the inherent fuccboi-ness of the nose ring. It's a piercing that was found on many a "bad boy" in our high school years — the ones who wore Hot Topic stud belts, played in garage bands, and didn't return your AIMs. But as someone who is also the proud owner of what some would call a tacky belly button piercing, I feel just the slightest bit of solidarity with the Bieber. Your body, your choice, right? If Bieber feels the best way to love himself is to pop some bling in his nose, so be it. Although, Biebs, can I level with you for second? I totally took you for more of a ring dude than a stud guy. Think about it.

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