Child Adorably Calls Out Justin Bieber For Bad Grammar

A new call for a Bieber apology has come from an unlikely source. An 11-year-old grammarian is perturbed by the lyrical content of Bieber’s “Boyfriend.”

Here is the offending song, complete with video. See if you can spot the grammatical issue that drove this pre-teen to write a strongly worded letter.

If you guessed that “If I was your boyfriend” is an incorrect use of the subjunctive tense, congratulations: You’re a nerd.

The letter, which contains an acknowledged grammatical mistake in the sign-off, can be viewed below. The student, who lives in Southwest Cornwall (of course he’s British), excoriates fellow Commonwealth product Bieber for setting bad grammatical examples for the rest of the world. His example of a good influence is Beyoncé. Her grammar is, of course, flawless.

Please like/share this letter written by a pupil from my year 5/6 class, in South West Cornwall. They want to see how...

Posted by Louise Williams on Friday, February 26, 2016

We think the 11-year-old has a point. But is he as cool as 11-year-old Bieber? We’ll let you be the judge of that.

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