The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 12: "Not Tomorrow Yet"

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Carol's going through the pantry, looking through canned vegetables — the kind you normally just donate to a food drive. She grabs some beets. Then she's out in the woods foraging acorns. Well, I'll be damned. Carol's baking cookies! She's delivering them around Alexandria bringing smiles to everyone in the community. Amid a conversation with Tobin about just how lovely these cookies are, despite their incredibly weird ingredients, Rick and the crew return. He says he wants everyone in the church in an hour. Carol asks what's going on. "We're gonna have to fight," he tells her. And just as she was getting back into baking again. Can she live?
Morgan comes up to talk to her. "It's been a while. Weeks. Since we talked," he says. "Why didn't you tell Rick? Tara, Rosita, Eugene? Why didn't they?" I have no idea what he's talking about. "Can we just forget it?" Carol asks him. Then Morgan's all, "It's kinda like you did it, too." I'm gonna assume they're talking about how Morgan hid the Wolf and tried to convert him into a reasonable person. Anyway, then we see that Carol is standing by the grave of Sam Anderson, where she has left an acorn beet cookie.
Once everyone's assembled in the church, Rick tells them how Maggie brokered a deal with Gregory, who runs the nearby Hilltop community, to kill The Saviors in exchange for half of the Hilltop's assets. He assures them this fight with The Saviors is inevitable, that even if they hadn't made a deal with Gregory that Negan and his cronies would eventually find them and try to jack all their supplies, not to mention kill them along the way. He believes they need to strike first. Of course, Morgan's against it. He thinks that if Rick truly believes their group can defeat The Saviors, then all they need to do is tell them so. Rick insists killing them is the only option. "We can't leave them alive." Morgan counters with some poetic rhetoric. "Where there's life, there's possibility." I get that you wanna rehabilitate whenever you can, Morgan, but aren't you freaking starving? I can't even think straight when I don't snack every three hours, and you're here eating acorn patties suggesting we talk it out and figure out the food thing later. Rick makes a final decision. "We don't all have to kill them, but the people who are gonna stay here, they do have to accept it."
Carol can't sleep. She's writing in a notebook what looks like a tally of all the humans she's killed — about 18. She goes out for a walk and runs into Tobin. They sit and have a cigarette. He says he's worried about her going to kill The Saviors. "You can do things that just terrify me," he tells her. (Same.) But he tells her she can do those things and tap into that strength because she's a mom. She corrects him. "I was." But Tobin's working on his long-con romance with Carol, so he tells her she's wrong. "You're a mom to most of the people here." Then they kiss.
While we're at it, let's do our romance roundup now. There doesn't seem to be any new developments with Rick and Michonne. Maggie and Glenn decide she should go on the mission, since she made the deal in the first place. Tara tells Denise she loves her, to which Denise replies, "I'll say it when you come back."
Abraham dumps Rosita and she freaks out about it, demanding he tell her why he's leaving. His response is pretty epic. "Why are dingleberries brown? it's the way shit is." (Congrats, writers, for getting that line on the show. I'm sure it couldn't have been easy.) Then he digs deeper. "When I first met you, I thought you were the last woman on Earth. You're not." After such a terrible kicking to the curb, Rosita could really use some comic relief. Enter Eugene, who's wearing a "Virginia Is For Lovers" T-shirt and eating one of Carol's cookies. "Try one of these? They're chewy." She slams the door in his face, but I appreciated what he was trying to do.
Now let's talk action, because there's a lot! After all, this is an episode dedicated to the promised killing of strangers. Jesus draws a makeshift map of what he believes The Saviors' camp looks like. Glenn and Heath are killing zombies, collecting decapitated heads that could pass for Gregory's to present to Negan's people. They're talking about how they're nervous for the raid on The Saviors, and how killing somebody is the worst feeling they've experienced. Rick selects a head that will pass for Gregory's and prepsthe crew for a middle-of-the-night attack. "This is how we eat," he reminds them. Carol's pissed because she doesn't believe Maggie should be part of the attack, given the bun she's got cooking in that oven.
They pull up to The Saviors' compound, and we immediately learn something very interesting about Negan and his bros: They are basically a frat. They use words like "needle dick" and "shitbrain." If there were an Inter-Apocalypse Lacrosse League, they'd be in it. Two Saviors come to the front to greet Jesus' comrade, who has identified himself as being from Hilltop and having Gregory's head. Darryl slits the throat of one of the guys then the rest of Ricks' crew swoops in.
I'm really not into breaking down the play-by-play of how they infiltrate and ninja-tactic their way through this compound, but here's what you need to know. Glenn kills a guy in his sleep and can't really handle it. Heath chickens out of killing his target and Glenn takes care of it for him. Abraham and Sasha attack a man who manages to pull a fire alarm which is like a bat signal for Carol, who has been waiting outside with Maggie. When she hears the alarm, she insists Maggie stay behind while she goes in to help them.
Gunfire erupts between Rick's crew and The Saviors. Once Glenn and Heath are cornered in a closet and realize they have to be less precious about kililng people in order to survive, they open fire on a group of Saviors. Gabriel reads Bible passages to a Savior in the field before shooting him.
By daybreak, the deed appears to be done. We cut to Alexandria, where Morgan's welding what appears to be a jail cell. Then we see Michonne, who's pensive. Rick asks her what's up. "I just wondered which one of them was Negan." Just then, a man is trying to ride away on a motorcycle. Darryl attacks him, asking where he got the bike. The man's radio emits a voice, telling Rick and his friends to lower their weapons. "We've got a Carol and a Maggie, if that's something you wanna chat about."

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