Customers Call Out Whole Foods For Selling Peeled Oranges

Whole Foods has really been making an effort to appeal to younger customers. It's launching a whole millennial-focused supermarket, and offering more deals as a way to bring in people who are potentially concerned about shopping on a budget. (It does carry the nickname Whole Paycheck, after all.)
But, sometimes the expensive and over-the-top nature of certain products at the popular chain is just too much to bear. Take this experiment where a writer was able to spend $1,000 on just 17 items. And how could we forget about asparagus water — the quick moment when Whole Foods attempted to sell $6 bottles of water with raw stalks of asparagus inside.
This time, the controversy is all about oranges. The supermarket tried to make things easier on people by peeling the fruit, and selling them in individual plastic containers for $5.99 a pound. Naturally customers weren't thrilled about the situation, leading to the following tweet, which quickly went viral.
In Whole Foods' defense, the company responded to the matter and has apparently decided to stick to selling oranges in their "natural packaging." (Today)

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