Why Trying To Get An Abortion Can Feel Like Dealing With Tech Support From Hell

Video Via YouTube.
It's no secret that the fight for abortion access in the U.S. has been riddled with complications. So, why not make that point in a funny way? In the video above, the ACLU draws an all too real comparison between trying to get an abortion and dealing with an incompetent tech support hotline.

After the woman in the video calls tech support in search of "female computer service," she's immediately asked probing questions by her state representative: "Are you sure that's what you want?" He then proceeds to offer up his disapproval of her choice, as well as a few "false, but scary implications" of her actions.

And like many women who seek out abortions, the woman in the video is forced to wait 72 hours until she can get what she needs. Once she's finally taken off hold, it somehow gets worse. You can watch for yourself to see what happens, but (spoiler alert!) it remains unclear whether or not she'll get her "female computer service" in the end.

The video closes with a powerful statement: "A right with no access is no access at all." As of now, 44 states have restrictions in place that make it unrealistic, if not impossible, for women to get abortions. If that's not more frustrating than Comcast putting you on hold, we don't what is.


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