The Worst Irish Accents To Grace The Big Screen

Photo: Moviestore/Rex/Shutterstock.
Today is St. Patrick's Day, which means countless folks of all races, creeds, and colors are bound to wear shamrock-print boxers, order a round of car bombs from the bar, and belt out "Danny Boy" at the top of their lungs. If they're really feeling festive, they might try imitating Lucky the Leprechaun.
They're in good company. Many an Oscar winning thespian has tried to affect the Emerald Isle lilt, with mixed success. For every convincing Cate Blanchett in Veronica Guerin, there's a Sean Connery or Tom Cruise ready to remind us that sometimes, it's just better to reach out to Gabriel Byrne or Cillian Murphy's agent and call it a day. (Not that it really matters all that much; Connery ended up taking home an Academy Award for his role as a supposedly Irish cop in The Untouchables.)
If you're looking to see which movie stars have done Dublin wrong, you've come to the right place. If you'd rather hear the real deal, consult this list of top Irish films. Oh, and note to casting directors: Next time, just hire Saoirse Ronan.

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