17 Of The Greatest Movie Endings, Ever

The first scene of a film is the hook. It reels you in and convinces you to dedicate the next one, two, or even three hours of your life to going down the rabbit hole of the movie director's imagined world.
But arguably most memorable — even more so than a sex scene — is the final scene of a movie. It's the last impression you have and can leave you with a lingering feeling of wanting more. And it can completely change your viewing experience. It can also be the best scene of a movie for that very reason.
Whether it's because of an iconic song or a total plot twist, all these movies left us both fully satisfied but also hungry for more. Each of these 17 films saved the best for last.
Warning: This slideshow contains spoilers. I mean, obviously, it's the last scene of the film, guys. But they're so good, you could honestly know the ending and still throughly enjoy the whole movie again and again. Trust me.

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